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Have You Become Numb and Forgotten How to Feel?

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If you live in Southern California you have probably heard of a little town nestled just below the “Orange Curtain”, Laguna Beach. Tourists from all over the world flock to Laguna to visit the Sawdust Festival, watch the Pageant of the Masters, and to relax and enjoy the beautiful view. Believe it or not, as visible as Laguna Beach is, locals have managed to keep a few treasures hidden for themselves. 

One such gem is Susan McNeal Velasquez

Laguna locals look forward to reading Susan’s bi-monthlycolumn, Wisdom Workout, which appears in the Laguna Independent. They also get in line to sign up for Unleash the Power of Your Intuition seminars. Presented as a six week series, this powerful transformational system has been successfully offered since 1993 to women and men who are ready to adventure into new realms of self-reliance. You can find out more information about the seminars, including the 2013 seminar schedule by visiting her website.

Don’t live in California? No problem. You can get to know Susan through her blog which is updated regularly, or you can always contact her directly!

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